Maison Clare S.r.l.
Corso Valsesia 12B - Doccio
13017 Quarona (VC) - Italy
tel: +39 0163 52720

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About us

Thirty years of creativity, research, tradition and innovation.


Clara Bertoli and Giulia Scalvini have chosen the elegance of the French language to give the name to a company that speaks of the best made in Italy.


With love and passion since 1990, Maison Claire has made Italian style, elegance and excellence a vocation.


At the origin of this adventure is a strong and precious link with the history and tradition of excellence of the territory in which it is born, Valsesia, which has always been the undisputed home of quality fibers and textiles.

This is where the most sought after yarns and textures, the best wools, the finest cashmere and the solid craft tradition that has led many local companies to stand out and excel at world level.

This is where love for fabrics and noble textures originates, timeless elegance and the constant and passionate pursuit of excellence from which the uniqueness of Maison Claire creations originates.

All women’s craftsmanship.


“Beauty will save the world” (Dostoevsky).


Sharing this thought, our team, all female, has always been involved in research, in the creations for the creation of unique and exclusive high quality models that transmit the culture and the beauty of our heritage.

Unique projects for customers looking for quality.


Every collection, every design, every embroidery is exclusive and original: imagined, designed and created with care by the MaisonClaire staff.

More than 150 models for the table and the same number of bedrooms, bath linen and, moreover, curtains and furnishing textiles, decorations and objects in wax, glass and crystal, able to give the unmistakable grace and refinement of Maison Claire to every home.

Tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and the most advanced processing technologies coexist in the name of the passion for beauty and attention to detail that have led the company to receive in 2014 the Excellence Award in the craftsmanship of the Piedmont Region.