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Il fascino dell'eleganza senza tempo

The collections designed and produced with the utmost care by Clara Bertoli and Giulia Scalvini are the fruit of long experience and in-depth knowledge of fabrics, creating a richly elegant variety of linen for the table, the bedroom, bathroom as well as exclusive lingerie.  

The noble fibres in nature, linen, cotton and silk are the leading lights in these collections which range from the contemporary to the classic, highlighting the artisan hand-crafting and individual charm of each item.   

Embroidery and lace contribute to making each line unique and, together with the collection of cashmere, throws, bed coverings, clothing, house-wear for lounging and stoles, all with the finest of detail work and hand crafted embroidery, these accessories are a perfect complement and final touch to rooms of timeless elegance.

Maison Claire has always collaborated with architects and interior designers in their special projects, their individual dimensions and requirements, creating entirely customized collections.

Each project therefore becomes a wonderful adventure, and Excellence of Italian Artisans, certified by the Piedmont Region, to be shared with an international clientele that is at once demanding, cultured and refined.