Why Maison Claire

Thirty years of creativity, research, tradition and innovation.

Maison Claire is born of passion, Giulia and Clara’s passion for ancient lace and hand embroidery. 

passion for beauty, timeless and boundless elegance.  

Maison Claire is Teamwork, it is waking each morning with the desire to create, passionately, conveying the unique nature of the work to clients, transforming items we use daily into artisanal elegance, practicality, diversity. Together so as to provide the client with service, created around his lifestyle, turning his wishes reality with commitment, spirit of sacrifice, determination, through the constant quest for perfection.     We intend conveying to our clients a philosophy of uniqueness, of care, attention not only for the products but also of those who make them, the artisans themselves. We wish to tell the Maison Claire story, which, day by day, evolves, forms and distinguishes itself by rendering each home unique, a dream come true, wherever it is. Regardless of culture, religion or profession, home for everyone is to give, to participate, study, think, to host, convey values, respect for our neighbour, for nature, for LIFE.   




We use only noble fibres such as linen, cotton, cashmere and silk for our products. All rigorously Made in Italy. 



Each product is studied, customised, unique, to respond to all our clients’ requirements



Our entirely female team designs and creates each product with the utmost care for detail.



Thanks to thirty years of experience we are able to coordinate all models and customise them according to our clients’ projects.

All-Female Craftsmanship.

Sharing this thought, our team all female, has always been committed to research, creations for the creation of unique and exclusive high quality models that convey the culture and beauty of our heritage.